The Stephen K. Kent ’67 Team Room, A3240

This space is officially named in gratitude of the generosity of members of the class of ’67.

About the Class of ’67

The decision of our ’67 classmates to sponsor a Team Room in the new HSSC is especially meaningful. Our class was one of those directly affected by the seismic shocks of JFK’s assassination and the Vietnam War and the cultural malaise that followed. No yearbook was published in either our junior or senior years. Many of us did not return to campus for many years -- as if we wanted to disassociate ourselves from that traumatic era.

Thankfully, we did survive and did re-connect as classmates due to our love for Grinnell College and the friendships we formed here.  Steve Kent ’67 was our Student Government President, our first Class Fund Director, and the sponsor of an annual challenge to encourage seniors to provide a gift to the College as newly minted graduates. This Team Room is a fitting way to honor Steve’s leadership and our commitment to our college on the event of our 50th Reunion 2017.