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Bogdan Abaev2020
Marlu C. Abarca2014
Louise E. Alcorn1992
Samuel Alves-Czachor2020
Aaron C. Barker2011
Kari R. Bassett Engesser1998
Lisa L. Behrends
Renee F. Bourgeois Parsons1996
Mary G. Brandsgard2014
Adrienne Chew
David Chew
Marcus D. Chew2022
Alfredo S. Colina2018
Cella C. Dayton1966
Jason E. Dohlman2013
Audrey C. Enerson2020
Linda Enerson
Danny Engesser
Brigham C. Hoegh2008
Daniel Juliano1997
Cynthia A. Kadenge1990
Philip J. Kiely2020
John A. Littler2010
Robert B. Marko-Franks2018
Lori McAllister1983
Results: (1 - 25) of 42

Grinnell-in-Des Moines Summer Picnic

Louise Alcorn '92 and the Grinnell-in-Des Moines Regional Planning Committee, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and the Office of Admission invite all members of the Grinnell community and their families to the Grinnell-in-Des Moines summer picnic. See old friends, make new ones, and give a special welcome to the just-graduated class of 2018 and the entering class of 2022.

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Saturday August 04
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Online registrations for this event are now closed. Please call to register at 866-850-1846.