Curiosity, Commitment, and Change. 25 years of the Wall Service Award. 

The Joseph F. Wall ’41 Alumni Service Award has helped Grinnell graduates make the world better by awarding annual grants to alumni who are leading projects of change. Named in honor of Joe Wall ’41, beloved professor and long-time Dean of the College, who believed in social responsibility and service, we are proud to celebrate 25 years of this award. Winners of the award have been in many different classes, from recent graduates to retired alumni. They have been doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, graduate students, literary ambassadors, and storytellers, but above all, they are Grinnellians who seek opportunities to work for change and social justice in the world and in the work they touch. We are incredibly proud of our winners and the world they have helped to create. Every year we eagerly anticipate proposals from future applicants, dedicated to turning their passion into practice.