The Grinnellian: an e-newsletter for Grinnell alumni and friends August 2019
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Eveyln and Will Freeman A Fond Freeman Farewell

Alumni, family, and friends are invited to campus Sept. 13-14 for a celebration of women’s and men’s cross country and track & field at Grinnell College, along with a special celebration of Evelyn and Will Freeman who are retiring as head coaches after the 2019-20 season. Learn more >>

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 Soccer & Tennis Weekend
 Aug. 30–Sept. 1

 Football & Volleyball
 Sept. 6–7

 Multicultural Reunion
 Nov. 8–10

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 George Drake ’56, Grinnell
 College president emeritus and a
 professor emeritus of history,
 presented the faculty lecture
 June 1 during Reunion 2019.
 Watch the lecture>>

Class of 1969 Class Dinner at Reunion 2019.
Class of 1969 funds scholarship as 50th reunion class gift

The Endowed Scholarship named for Martin Luther King, Jr. is a social justice themed scholarship will be awarded to a student this fall.
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James Rudolph ’69 and Maggie Montanaro ’05
Two alums follow divergent paths to become self-made translators

James Rudolph ’69 and Maggie Montanaro ’05 taking on translating projects in Peru, France.
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Historic Carnegie Hall mailboxes refurbished for display inside HSSC

Personalized mailboxes tell stories of those who made gifts to name HSSC spaces.
Learn more>>
Mailboxes from the Carnagie Hall mailroom repurposed to recognize gifts made to support the HSSC.
Text: Trivia - The Kistle Science Library inside Noyce Science Center was named in honor of what alumna? - Hit reply to send your trivia answer. The first five replies with the correct answer will win a prize. The Grinnell Prize metal. Text: Shafiq Kahn is the 2019 Grinnell Prize Winner.
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