Reunion Subcommittees - Social

The social committee organizes the class/cluster Thursday evening welcome event, as well as any other desired evening gatherings.  Each group (class or cluster) is given access to a designated lounge and a tent near their dorm(s) to use as their on-campus headquarters for Reunion.  The lounge, and most often, the tent, will be used throughout the weekend, and it is the social committee's ideal to make sure they are welcoming spaces for connection and camaraderie.

This committee is the architect of the atmosphere, and is responsible for procuring decorations and decorating the lounge and/or tent.  The College equips the tents with tables, chairs, and lights.  However, there will not be enough seating for the entire class/cluster at one time, so we encourage people to bring blankets or lawn chairs.  Tablecloths can be requested through the college if desired.

The committee decides if there will be entertainment at the tent and plan for any desired entertainment.  This can be as simple as putting together a playlist, to assembling a slideshow, to recruiting and coordinating live entertainment.

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Reunion Evening Gatherings

There are 3 glorious evenings of Reunion, Thursday, Friday, and Satuday.  While each has its own all-Reunion scheduling, there is plenty of room for the social committee to make a tremendous impact on the class/cluster experience.

Thursday evening: The Welcome Event  

The social committee plans the 8 to 10 p.m. welcome event for their class/cluster.  This event marks the first time of the weekend that the class/cluster will be together in one location, and is held at the class/cluster tent.

The College will provide the following:  

  • Beer, wine, water, another non-alcoholic beverage (like sparkling water), and light snacks. 
  • Bartenders to serve drinks
  • A basic PA system with a microphone and auxiliary cords that can accommodate a phone or laptop will be provided; one per class/cluster. Additional AV needs need to be requested by the committee.

Friday evening: Block Party +  

Block Party, planned by the College, is an all-Reunion event full of all sorts of festivities.  Depending on other events that may be programmed in the evening after Block Party, the social committee may consider planning anything from a drop-in gathering to a BYOB party.

Saturday evening: All-Reunion Dance  

The social committee can take it easy on the last night of Reunion, Saturday night, as the College hosts an All-Reunion Dance Party.  However, the social committee may decide that prepping an additional get-together at the class/cluster tent is also in order.

Reunion 2024 Class Dorm and Lounge Assignments

Class/Cluster Lounge  

The College will equip all lounge kitchens with the following supplies:  

  • Ice (available through 11pm) 
  • 1 large cooler  
  • A coffeepot, ground coffee, creamers, sugar, and coffee cups 
  • Kitchen supplies: 
    • 200 disposable cups 
    • 1 can opener 
    • 1 corkscrew 
    • 1 cutting board 
    • Serving bowls of various sizes 
    • A variety of serving utensils 
    • Napkins 
    • Small disposable plates 
    • 2 paring knives 
    • 2 rolls of paper towels 
    • Dish soap and a sponge 
    • A few garbage bags 
    • 2 pairs of plastic gloves 
    • 1 container of disinfectant wipes 
  • Office Supplies: 
    • Scissors 
    • 1 roll painters’ tape (safe for walls) 
    • 2 rolls scotch tape 
    • 1 roll masking tape 
    • 1 glue stick 
    • 2 sharpie markers 
    • A few white board markers  
  • Extra trash and recycling bins


    • All social requests must be submitted by March 1. After this date, we may not be able to procure needed items or additional AV; please help us bring your vision to life!  
    • By May 1, staff will confirm all aspects of your class social plans with your committee.  

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