Volunteer Weekend 2017 – Work Session Summaries

Student Life Panel

with Selah Mystic ’19, Ishaan Tibrewal ’21, Ayyad Jacob ’20, Kaitlyn Goss-Peirce ’20 and Summer White ’18.

The panel gave alumni a snapshot about the Grinnell student experience. Similar to the last session, a question-and-answer format was utilized.

What do you love most about Grinnell College?

Selah: Not having required courses and self-governance

Ishaan: We are treated like adults and everyone cares about each other

Ayyad: The amount of opportunities

Kaitlyn: The opportunity to be myself and not be compared to anyone

Summer: The ability to constantly better myself and become worldlier

What was you most meaningful or transformative moment at Grinnell?

Selah: Identifying with different communities and organizations

Ishaan: A class that brought culture to life

Ayyad: Having the chance to meet people from all walks of life. It shifted how my brain worked.

Kaitlyn: A humanities class on Catholicism and the renaissance opened my eyes to different viewpoints

Summer: My understanding of the world has really expanded

How can Grinnell College grow as an institution?

Ishaan: At times, more field trips or professor office hours would be helpful

Ayyad: Sometimes it feels like the same people are at campus events

Summer: A commitment to make a positive impact on the climate

What is one thing you wish alumni knew about students today?

Ayyad: Grinnell has always attracted people that want to fix problems and make the world a better place. That is still true today.

Kaitlyn: Not everyone is of the liberal mindset. There are some conservative voices on campus.

How has the College helped you grow as an individual?

Selah: I’m more accepting of others and of myself. Whoever I am is perfectly fine. I’ve also gotten better at scheduling.

Kaitlyn: I’m speaking more. Before Grinnell, I wouldn’t speak in class or a panel.

How have alumni helped you?

Selah: Making connections and meeting people who have gone through similar struggles and persevered

Ishaan: Financial aid

Ayyad: Meeting alumni in the field I want to go into

Kaitlyn: Advice, including what classes to take and what not to take

Summer: My externship in Washington D.C., and aid for a business outfit to wear on a trip to Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha