Allison Brinkhorst '11

Allison Brinkhorst

Class Year: 2011
Current City/State: Portland, OR
Major: Sociology and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies
Email Address:
Committee(s): Diversity and Inclusion; Executive


Why I Wanted to Serve on the Alumni Council:

Grinnellians come together to create a unique community that is unlike any other in my life. As an alum, I want to stay connected to the town and campus communities of Grinnell, and want to help other alums do the same.

A Quote I Like:

“What I’m talking about is reinventing how we love each other and knowing that solidarity is love, collaboration is love. And really, isn’t that what queerness is about: loving? I am talking about growing and cultivating a deep love that starts with those closest to us and letting it permeate out. Starting with our own communities. Building strong foundations of love.”

―Mia Mingus

A Little Bit About Me:

I am the Development Associate at Ecotrust, where we work to inspire an economy that is more equitable and better for the environment. A staunch supporter of social justice, I am an active member of Social Justice Fund NW. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have been enjoying the many opportunities for hiking and camping along oceans, mountains, lakes, and rivers.

Other Alumni Involvement: GRASP Volunteer

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