Wall Service Award 2003 Winners

Sabrina Eagan ’96

Sabrina EaganSabrina Eagan ’96 received a $20,000 Wall Service Award that she will devote to improving adolescent health services and education in Komamboga, Uganda. A steering committee made up of adults and teenagers will oversee the development of community projects related to adolescent sexual health, and an association for teachers of reproductive health in the area will exchange information and collaborate on related activities. Monthly workshops for teenagers will focus on sexual health issues, and young peer educators will be trained to teach other teens about healthy behaviors. And finally, an adolescent health center is now open and operating in Komamboga; Eagan hopes to continue to expand the services available there.

Although Eagan is deeply involved in the project now, she is planning for a future when the community will continue the work without her. "One of the priorities throughout the work is to build it with the community as a foundation-not me alone," she says.

Theodore Massey ’00

Theodore MasseyTheodore Massey ’00, a Peace Corps volunteer in Stepanavan, Armenia, will use his $20,000 Wall Award to construct and furnish a community resource center in Stepanavan. Complete with a seminar room for community meetings, computers with Internet access, an updated database of Armenian legal business information, a professional resource library, and a library of English-language fiction for local students, Massey hopes to improve the community’s enthusiasm and access to information following the 1988 earthquake.

Currently, Ted is involved in every aspect of the project, from monitoring construction, to procurement of supplies, to public relations. "My highest priority right now, though, is to get the NGO [non-governmental organization] thinking about programs we can hold after the center is built. A year from now, my Peace Crops service will be wrapping up, and I hope that I can leave assured that the center and its resources will be actively used."

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