Externship Program

The Grinnell College Externship Program is designed for students interested in a career exploration experience with a Grinnell alum or parent. Students work alongside hosts—either in-person or virtually—for approximately three to five days to learn about the host’s day-to-day work life; this will allow students to evaluate how their personal values, interests, and expertise may form a future life and career.

What does a host do?

  • Host a current Grinnell student virtually or in person for approximately three to five days in a job shadow.
  • If hosting a student in person, consider a homestay component to the experience. If you are unable to offer a homestay, we ask that you make other arrangements for your extern(s) by housing them with another alum in the area.
  • As appropriate, allow the student to observe you and your colleagues in meetings, projects, and other job-related activities.
  • Help the student to understand how you approach work/life balance, or whatever surrounding philosophy for the life you hold, and how that is affected by your career and industry.
  • Prompt the student to reflect on their strengths, values, skillsets, and how those affect their vision for their future life and career.

How to sign up to participate?

  • Registration to host a Grinnell College student extern during Spring Break 2024 is now open.
  • Please complete the online registration form.  
  • Once the registration form has been completed, a College staff member will contact you with final confirmation of your involvement and a reminder of important dates.
  • Registration closes on October 25, 2023.
  • Spring Break is March 16–31, 2024.

Looking for more information?

Check out our list of frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions about the Externship program, please contact Jessica Stewart, senior associate director of donor and alumni relations, at stewarje@grinnell.edu or at 641-269-3234.