Make plans to join the first Multicultural Alumni Weekend

Hands reached into a huddle

A celebration for alumni, their families, and current students: November 10–11, 2017.

Celebrating all multicultural alumni and students, with participation from the following student groups:

The African and Caribbean Student Union (ACSU)
The African and Caribbean Student Union seeks to celebrate the rich diversity of the African diaspora by engaging the Grinnell community through education, community, and dialogue, coordinate activities with multicultural peer organizations, and serve as a home-away-from-home for international Africans, Caribbean students, black Americans and all students with interest in the efforts and values of ACSU.

The Asian and Asian American Association (AAA)
The Asian and Asian American Association hopes to educate the student body about Asian American culture and issues and exists to provide a safe space for all students and faculty where one can discuss the experiences of Asian Americans on campus.

Concerned Black Students (CBS)
We as Concerned Black Students want to provide a community within all cultures, as a way to unite and strengthen diversity amongst ALL Grinnellians. As a subunit of the intercultural community here at Grinnell College, we plan to educate, raise awareness, and ultimately create a safe haven for black students and those who support black students.

Chalutzim (Hebrew for Pioneers), the Jewish student organization, is a diverse community in which students celebrate and learn about Judaism. We hold religious services on campus as well as educational, cultural and social programming. We also participate in interfaith dialogue, multicultural activities and promote diversity on campus. All of our activities are open to everyone.

The Student Organization of Latinas/os (SOL)
The purpose of SOL shall be to create a community that will nurture cultural pride, as well as awareness, amongst all its members. SOL resolves to create and support a cultural and social network that preserves and encourages cultural identity and autonomy; promotes awareness of political and social issues affecting Latino society; and serves as an education resource for the community.

The Stonewall Resource Center (SRC)
The Stonewall Resource Center exists as a confidential safe space to serve the campus' Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning community and their Allies. Our primary focus is to provide resources and information about GLBTQ issues and to facilitate educational programming and activities on campus.

Planning Committee Members:

Alumni Planning Committee:

Lester Aléman ’07
Cynthia Amezcua ’14
Ed Atkins ’66
Dan Davis ’16
Deana Greenfield ’00
Graciela Guzmán ’11
Jarrett Joubert ‘12
Leah Krandel ’09
Ben Rodriguez ‘98
Margie Scribner ’10
Indrani Singh ’08
Rhonda Stuart ’86
Chris Wilde ’88
Sherman Willis ’01

Staff Contacts: 

Jayn Chaney ’05
Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

Jordan Brooks**
Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs

Katy Zart**
Program Advisor, Intercultural Affairs

**Jordan and Katy support the student Multicultural Leadership Council and the organizations it represents.