Alumni invited to take part in student Pen Pal program

Please note: Thank you for your interest in the student Pen Pal program. We have reached our goal number of participants.

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) has always been dedicated to fostering relationships between students and alumni, which is why SAC is launching a Pen Pal program this spring.

Paul Cover '21 writes a letter to a pen pal.
    Paul Cover ’21

Like many organizations, SAC has had to adjust during these times of online learning and social distancing brought upon by the pandemic. Students have expressed feelings of loneliness and isolation along with disappointment over the lack of mentorship and networking that in-person connections with alumni normally provide. For those reasons, SAC is facilitating the Pen Pal program for the spring semester to continue its mission of fostering connections.

The program will allow students and alumni to connect on a monthly basis through May, providing participants with conversation starters and discussion prompts related to current events. While pen pals are welcome to connect on a more regular basis, it is not an expectation. Other than the initial match making and provision of monthly connection reminders, SAC is taking a hands-off approach to allow for a more organic relationship building process. Communication can occur through letters, emails, or other mediums.

If interested in participating, please fill out the alumni pen pal pairing form by Sunday, February 7. It is SAC’s intent to pair students and alumni to the best of its ability given the data collected; however there is no guarantee of a perfect match nor that every alumni who fills out the form will be paired with a student since there may be less students than alumni who are looking to participate.

Learn more about the SAC on its website or contact Mitch Wolff, assistant director of student programs.