Student Alumni Council (SAC)

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) is a student-run group that fosters connections between students and alumni, empowers students to be a part of the wider Grinnell community, raises awareness about Grinnell’s history and traditions, and works to develop a culture of service and philanthropy among current students. SAC fosters an atmosphere that guides students through their transition to life after Grinnell, bestowing a sense of pride in the community and a commitment to give back with their time, talent, treasure, and ties.

SAC Vice President — Jun Taek Lee '18

Jun Taek Lee '18"The Student Alumni Council’s goal is to build on the special bond Grinnell instills in all of us to continue to unify the student and alumni body and develop a philanthropic community. The overall goal is to provide more opportunities for students to interact with alumni and vice versa through various media. The most rewarding aspect of the program is getting the opportunity to talk to alumni and hear stories from when they were at Grinnell and how they have gotten to where they are today."

Learn more about the SAC on their website or contact Mitch Wolff, assistant director of student programs.