Grinnell Regional Admission Support Program (GRASP)

GRASP volunteers serve as an extension of the Office of Admission, acting as ambassadors of Grinnell College and promoting awareness of the institution. They play an important role throughout the admission process by upholding the values inherent in the Grinnell experience. This is done through honest and accurate representation of the College. The role of an individual volunteer will depend upon regional programs, the volunteer’s interest level in such programs, and the amount of time the volunteer has available.

Responsibilities of a GRASP volunteer:

  • Interview prospective students for the College.
  • Represent Grinnell at a local college fair.
  • Reach out to students/parents individually.
  • Identify qualified students to refer to Grinnell.
  • Host or attend regional prospective student events.

GRASP Volunteer — Jerome Simmons ‘10

Jerome Simmons '10"The Grinnell Regional Admission Support Program is an outstanding opportunity to share the culture of the College an help high school students discern whether or not Grinnell is the right choice for them. Alumni volunteers spend time hosting informational and admission interviews to assist students and the administration. The GRASP program has been a great opportunity to give back to Grinnell, learn from and about high school students, and build on the College’s culture as I remember it."

If you would like to become a GRASP volunteer, please fill out the online form.

For more information about GRASP, please contact or alumni and donor relations at 866-850-1846.