Awards, Membership, and Election Committee

Purpose: Works to encourage nominations and select recipients of the annual Alumni Awards presented each year at Reunion. Manages the elections of president and new members of the Alumni Council.

Projects and Objectives:

  • Alumni Awards: Work commences in August. Intense reading and discussion through October.
  • Alumni Senior Awards: Intense reading and discussion in March–April.
  • Review new Alumni Council member applications during the fall and partnered with interviews in January–February.

Committee Members

  • Ryann Haines Cheung ’93, Chair
  • Lester Alemán ’07, Vice-Chair
  • Tom Triplett ’69
  • Claudia Beckwith ’77
  • Ann Poor Cary ’81
  • Rick Stuck ’82
  • Ben Vaughn Jr. ’15

Staff Members

  • Jayn Bailey Chaney ’05 — Director of Alumni and Donor Relations
  • Paige Everly — Associate Director of Alumni and Donor Relations