Class pages

July 19, 2017 — Did you know your graduating class and any other class all the way back to the year 1950 have a “class page” on A class page is a centralized page where class letters, class fund appeals, class volunteer information, and a class directory can be posted. To access these your class page and the information on it, you must have an registration. Only Grinnell alumni are able to register and access this information. If you are not registered, you can register using your email address, LinkedIn, or Facebook account.

What a great place to reconnect with your classmates!

Class Directory

Take a walk down memory lane by visiting your class directory. Each class page has a class directory specified to their class. Unlike the main alumni directory, this directory prepopulates all members of a given class. This makes it easier to find someone when you only remember a portion of you classmate’s information such as just a first name or nickname. Once you click on an entry in the directory, you will be taken take to their full alumni directory profile.

Class letters

At least once a year, your class will get a letter from their volunteer class agent. This class agent plays a significant role in promoting and sustaining relationships between your classmates and the College. The number one way this is done is through class letters. Your class agent will ask you and your classmates to submit news, memories, updates and information about members of your class for inclusion the class letter. Class letters can contain reflections, opinions, news, and photos from classmates and serves as an archive of the class’ activities and attitudes over the years and decades post-graduation. Additionally, it communicates relevant College information, such as campus updates, regional events, reunion updates, and volunteer opportunities. Through these letters, alumni networking is strengthened and our 25,000+ alumni get a taste of campus today.

Class Fund Appeals

The class fund director appeal letter is a personalized letter with request for support of the College. The letter is an opportunity for the class fund director to connect and inform their classmates about things going on at Grinnell College. This letter generally references things, places,  and people from the era the class fund director and their classmates were on campus. The appeal letter also often sites current issues in the broader world we all live in as a way to then insert how Grinnell College is preparing current students to go into the world to do transformative things.