Black and white photo of the HSSC Atrium looking up to the previous exterior of ARH. Text: Impact, The 2019-2020 Philanthropy Report. The Grinnell College sits below the text.

Together, we are Greater

The Campaign for Grinnell College

Gifts made between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2020

WITH MUCH GRATITUDE AND ENTHUSIASM, WE SHARE AN UPDATE ON THE ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE OF THE CAMPAIGN FOR GRINNELL COLLEGE. We began the College’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign July 1, 2013 with an ambitious goal of $150 million. What we discovered was that our community was more than ready for just such an initiative and understood the importance and power of philanthropic investment. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our alumni and friends, we raised our goal to $175 million in 2018. And then on June 30, 2020 we exceeded that goal — together.

Your gifts have impacted Grinnell College and its students in so many ways. Lives have been forever changed through the availability of scholarships. Academic programs have been created, enhanced or expanded to ensure students have a world-class teaching and learning experience. Faculty and staff have been given resources to immerse students in collaborative research projects, internships, global travel initiatives, new coursework, and co-curricular activities. Meanwhile, the campus continues to evolve by providing students with modern spaces to learn, study, create, and grow.

As we begin the final year of the campaign, we offer thanks for your investment and look forward to seeing all that our Grinnell community will continue to make possible for the students of today and tomorrow. By joining together, we will help prepare more students to live, learn, and work with meaning and purpose — and to do what Grinnellians have always done: change the world.

Text: $175,751,779 total gifts and commitments. Gifts made between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2020.
Total Gift and Commitments. Bar Graph shows relative amount compared to each fund. Total $175,751,779. Scholarships/Financial Aid 53.9M, Individually Advised Teaching/Learning 54.2M, CLS 9.1M, IGE 16.9M, Facilities 11.7M, Pioneer Fund, 28.6M, TBD 1.1M

The Campaign for Grinnell College helps make possible...

Red Text on a gray background. Text: 382 members of the graduating class of 2020 who are launching into the world.
Red Text on a gray background. Text: $58.6M - total gift aid awarded to students in 2019-20.
Red Text on a gray background. Text: 86% the percentage of students who received financial aid in 2019-20udents with demonstrated financial need
Red Text on a gray background. Text: $51,770 - the average financial aid package to students with demonstrated financial need

Celebrating Philanthropy in 2019-20

The world needs more Grinnellians, especially now. And it takes incredible resources to sustain incredible outcomes for our students. Thank you for your support throughout the 2019-20 year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020). Join us in celebrating our collective impact as we continue to work together to ensure that every current and future student has the resources necessary to pursue their passions and to find their purpose. 

Chart - Gift Receipts. FY17 - 13.09m, FY18 - 17.13m, FY19 - 14.49m, FY20 - 19.06m. Arrow pointing to FY20 "This was the most generous year in the past 10 years.
Circle Chart - Gifts Receipts by fund designation (FY20). Endowment (in Red) approx. 55%, Restricted (in Yellow) approx. 25%, Unrestricted (blue) and Capital (teal) approx. 10% each.
Chart - Total New Gifts and Committments. FY17 - 32.83m, FY18 - 26.53m, FY19 - 28.65m, FY20 28.11m

Text style - Large number with small descriptors. $1.7M raised for Pioneer Fund. 60.5% Class of 1968 participation, best of any class. $8M Class of 1953, with most raised by a class.

2019–20 Engagement at a Glance

7,626 total donors made a gift to support Grinnell College.

444 individuals made their first ever gift to the College.

960 alumni, parents, and students supported our Grinnell community as volunteers, facilitating connections, philanthropy, and student experiences.

The 50th Reunion Class of 1970 raised an incredible $2,543,403 with 42% participation from the class.

136 Grinnell volunteers sent 33,158 emails through the GiveCampus system in 2019-20.

Over 1,800 alumni attended a regional network event or committee meeting in 2019-20.

Alumni members of the Everyday Class Notes (ECN) Facebook community sent 1,304 care packages to current students in February.

Over 200 Grinnellians returned to campus in fall 2019 to commemorate and celebrate the retirement of Will and Evelyn Freeman after 40 years of coaching and teaching at Grinnell.

681 Grinnellians joined our virtual Alumni Book Club — check it out at

The Grinnellian, an e-newsletter for alumni, parents, and friends of the College has been viewed 89,000 times since launching in July 2019.