Class Reunion Volunteers

Keala Bardsley
Class Agent

Hunter Benbow
Saturday Dinner Captain

Harper Clay
Class Fund Director

Morgan Dyson
Lounge Captain

Bryn May
Programs Coordinator

Tayler Scrivens
Outreach Coordinator

Class of 1993

Whatever happened to your first-year roommate? That friend you lost touch with? The other students in your senior seminar?

Your class page gives you an easy way to find classmates and old friends. It’s also a great resource for personal and professional networking, and for the latest class news, including reunion plans.

Your class page also offers some enjoyable ways to get social virtually. Find out what’s stirring the waters in your class-year community — or stir something up yourself.

Reunion Giving

Our class priority is raising funds to name a space in the new Humanities and Social Studies Complex (HSSC). By reaching our goal of 230,000, we are able to name a classroom after the Class of 1993.

Here is our giving update:

Infograph: Pie chart showing about 60% of the goal of 400k has been raised.

Class Agent

Cameo Carlson

Class Fund Director

Ryann Cheung

Jay Dick