Election and Membership Committee

Purpose: Manages the elections of the president and the new members of the Council. This committee also monitors attendance.

Projects and Objectives:

  • Work commences in October with intensive new member application review and interviews in January–February.

Committee Members

The Election and Membership Committee features one representative from each staff committee.

  • Chris Meyer ’70 — President-Elect/Chair
  • Robert Gehorsam ’76 — Representing Alumni Engagement and Communications
  • Debbie Gottschalk ’90 — Representing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jeetander Dulani ’98 — Representing Ad-Hoc
  • Phillip Hales ’02 — Representing Alumni Student Connections

Staff Members

  • Jayn Chaney '05 — Director of Alumni and Donor Relations
  • Jennie Jackson — Alumni and Donor Relations Coordinator