Alumni Council - Rhonda Stuart

Rhonda Stuart '86

Evanston, IL
Grinnell Major: Sociology
Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Rhonda Stuart, '86, runs a solo legal practice in Skokie, Illinois, and has been self-employed since 2001. Her practice focuses primarily on Family Law, Real Estate and Collections matters. While at Grinnell, Rhonda was the front-woman of a band, “She Man and the Masters of the Universe,” which reunited to play at the 2012 reunion.

Rhonda has many fond memories of Grinnell, which include watching the red squirrels scamper and going on doughnut runs. Rhonda is excited to be a member of the Alumni Council and talks Grinnell up at every opportunity, encouraging those who have not been back to take another look at Grinnell. Rhonda has two sons, Jeremy, who is currently in law school, and Logan, who is member of the Grinnell class of 2019.

Updated Sept. 23, 2015.