Barbara Hunt Moore '65

Arlington, VA
Grinnell Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Alumni Engagement and Communications Committee - Chair, Executive Committee

As a freshman (that's what we called first-year students in those days), Barbara lived on Mears First. Yes, Mears was a dorm! The Forum was brand new; the women's gym still stood in the center of campus; and women and men were strictly segregated (well, at least in theory). After a college career packed with extracurricular activities as well as studies, she decided that she’d had enough of school for a while and went to work in Chicago as an editor for Scott Foresman (publishers of the "Dick and Jane" readers that some alums will remember). Her hopes for a career in newspaper journalism were short-circuited when a managing editor told her that they were not hiring women. Times do change. On the other hand, when she eventually married an investigative reporter, Tom Moore, she soon realized that she was ill-suited for newspaper work in any case.

After a move to Washington, D.C., Barbara's publishing career evolved into association management, and she became director of a department that included publishing, professional development, and "a whole lot of other stuff" at the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), a membership organization with an unusually broad range of programs.

In 2004, she resigned to embark on a "sailing sabbatical" that took her and Tom and their sailboat up the East Coast from Annapolis to Maine, then to the Bahamas, and back home via the Intracoastal Waterway. She’s still at ICMA enjoying a part-time "encore career" managing communications and marketing for an international technical assistance program. Barbara's connections with Grinnell continue through her role as a class agent and as a participant in local-area events and networking, as well as serving on the Alumni Council.

Updated June 2, 2014