Members of classes from the 1950s through 2017 rekindled old friendships and began new ones.

Reunion and Alumni College 2018

Reunion 2018 is coming to a prairie based campus near (or not so near) you May 30-June 3, 2018. Registration will open February 1 at 8 a.m. central.

Although Grinnell alumni are welcome at Reunion any year, in 2018, we will celebrate the following classes:

  • 1947-48-49-50: 70th Reunion
  • 1963-64: 55th Reunion
  • 1968: 50th Reunion
  • 1972-73-74: 45th Reunion
  • 1977-78: 40th Reunion
  • 1993: 25th Reunion
  • 1997-98-99 – 20th Reunion
  • 2008: 10th Reunion

Start your planning process with this preliminary 2018 Reunion Schedule.

Reunion Registration Now Open!

Join us on campus for Reunion and Alumni College 2018. Each class and cluster has a streamlined form to simplify the registration process. Start your Reunion 2018 by registering today.

Registered Attendees

See a list of those who have already registered for Reunion 2018. This list gets updated each Friday. The report on Friday will show registrants who have completed their registrations before end of day on Wednesday that week.

Alumni Awards

The 2018 Alumni Award recipients have been announced! Read more about them on our Alumni Awards page. The recipients will be honored during Reunion at Alumni Assembly on Saturday afternoon, June 2.

Alumni College
Wednesday, May 30 — Thursday, May 31

Alumni College 2018 has reached capacity and registration is now closed.

Alumni College provides the chance to re-experience the intellectual stimulation of the classroom with Grinnell College faculty, alumni, and staff.  Learn from some of the College’s finest faculty, enjoy spectacular meals, and be among Grinnellians who share your passion for learning.  

This year, Alumni College will examine TRUTH. Visit the Alumni College page for more information.

When is my next reunion?

Reunion is typically scheduled for the weekend following Memorial Day. This Reunion calendar shows the schedule through 2029.

Reunion Archives

Reunion Weekend and Alumni College 2017

See a selection of memories from the weekend.

During Reunion 2017, George Drake '56 president emeritus of the College and professor emeritus of history spoke on how students started shaping Grinnell during the sixties and the tradition continues today. It WAS a Revolution!

Reunion Weekend and Alumni College 2016

Reunion 2016 brought together alumni and friends from all over the country, and even the world. Check out Reunion 2016 highlights.

Reunion Weekend and Alumni College 2015

What a great weekend! Revisit the experience with archived photos, videos, and more.

Reunion Weekend and Alumni College 2014

See archived photos, videos, and more from 2014 Reunion Weekend and Alumni College.