Pittsburgh Regional Network

The regional network is the perfect avenue for you to meet other Grinnell College alumni. It provides a setting to network and to meet others who have the same affinity with Grinnell.

Are you in the Pittsburgh area? Help to connect your fellow Grinnellians.

Work with your fellow alumni to plan events for local Grinnellians and foster sense of community. Reach out to Ashley Renstrom-Schaefer, associate director of alumni relations, at schaefer@grinnell.edu or 866-850-1846, to learn more.

Pittsburgh Alumni Social Media

Grinnell College Pittsburgh Facebook page

Join the Pittsburgh Lyris list [pittsburghgrin] to stay in the loop with your local Grinnell community. To learn more about how to request to join a lyris list, visit the lyris list page.

Members of the Pittsburgh Regional Planning Committee

Shirley Neuhaus Hoops '64
Stephen C. Hoops '62
Garth S. Jones '88 — Co-Coordinator
Jill K. Kriesky '78
Tara Y. Meyer '86 — Co-Coordinator
Zoe M. Rodriguez '13

Upcoming Events

Our regional events and their details are posted to the Alumni Event Calendar. You can filter the calendar to see events for just your region.