Phonathon Callers


What is Phonathon?

Phonathon is a program, run by the annual giving program, that uses student callers to build relationships and raise money for Grinnell. Phonathon starts in September and runs for most of the academic year. Because Grinnell College is a nonprofit organization, telemarketing laws do not apply to Phonathon. If you have questions or do not wish to continue to receive calls, please let us know by calling 866-850-1846 or emailing

Why do we call?

Alumni, parents, and friends of Grinnell are all important to our community. We aim to stay in touch with our Grinnell family by hearing about your experiences and sharing our own, updating your contact information, and giving you the opportunity to give back to the Pioneer Fund. Phonathon callers are passionate about what they are involved in at Grinnell and want to hear your stories about what you loved most about the College while you were a student. We can only do this if you give us a chance. So when you see Grinnell calling, pick up the phone for the chance to connect with a fellow Grinnellian.

Seeking gifts for the Pioneer Fund is just one important part of what we do. The funds raised from Phonathon calls directly benefit students through the Pioneer Fund, and our callers take pride in the difference they help to make at Grinnell.

Looking for a campus job?

If you're a student who is

  • Passionate about Grinnell,
  • Interested in talking with alumni,
  • and in need of a meaningful campus job.

You are wanted at Phonathon! Go to our online application. To apply, you will need to log in to Handshake using your Grinnell Network creditials.

Network with Grinnell alumni

As a Phonathon caller, you will have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of Grinnell alumni from all over the country. Each of these conversations is an opportunity to learn about the experiences of Grinnell graduates and potentially find a valuable networking contact. In the past, alumni have offered Grinnell students advice, internship opportunities, and even jobs — all because of a Phonathon call!

Learn valuable skills

Even if you are not interested in becoming a professional fundraiser, the skills you can learn at Phonathon are marketable in virtually every job field. Phonathon will help you to develop your communication skills and build up your résumé. Additionally, veteran callers have the opportunity for further growth as a Phonathon student manager or Pioneer Fund summer intern.

Support Grinnell

By working at Phonathon, you help secure the gifts that support your Grinnell experience every year. Each call represents a unique opportunity to update alumni, parents, and friends on the many exciting things going on at the College, and is a conversation many of our constituents look forward to each year.

Interested in working for Phonathon?

Submit your application online. To apply, you will need to log in to Handshake using your Grinnell Network creditials. 

For more information about Phonathon, please email, or call toll-free 866-850-1846.