Contact Phonathon

Phone: 866-850-1846

Days we call

Mon-Thurs (6pm-9:30pm CST) and Sun (3pm-6:30pm CST)

We call from the Mears Cottage Basement on the Grinnell College campus.


Group photo of the Phonathon callers for the 2018/2019 school year.


What is Phonathon?

Welcome to the Grinnell College Phonathon page! The Phonathon program employs around 35 students every year in an effort to strengthen relationships between alumni, parents, and friends of the college, update contact information from the groups, and solicit gifts to the Pioneer Fund (and other areas of giving). The Phonathon sits within the Annual Giving Program, which is housed in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (DAR). The Phonathon program is supervised by Bailee Wallace, assistant director of annual giving for phonathon.

Meet our callers

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Phonathon Resources

While we try to answer your questions about Grinnell, sometimes we need to refer you to these resources. Here are some selected resources our callers may refer you to: