New Grad Resources

You have a brand new degree and are starting to explore the world. Grinnell's support of you doesn't end at commencement. Learn more about a few of the additional resources we provide alumni below.

Email Account

Your Grinnell email account remains available to you after you graduate. However, if you switch email addresses, or if you don’t check your Grinnell email, please update your information with our office so we can invite you to Reunion and Grinnell events in your area! You may update your information through your profile, or email

Grinnell Connect

A platform that will benefit both alumni and current students and is a cooperative effort with the Center for Careers, Life and Service. The Grinnell Connect platform allows alumni and students to develop mentoring relationships, network, and connect professionally with peers for career and opportunity sharing. Visit Grinnell Connect to sign-up today.

Update your contact information!

If you want to be invited to Reunion and events held in your area by Regional Networks, receive the Grinnell Magazine, notes from us, and other information from the College, we need your contact information. You may update your information through your alumni.grinnell profile, or email

Share your time with Grinnell!

Join us as volunteers! There are many volunteer opportunities ranging from support for students' career exploration to planning fun regional events.

Regional Networks
Grinnell regional networks are groups of alumni who stay connected to the College and with one another by planning events and gatherings in their area. Connect with Anna to learn more about the networks or join the planning committees that organize the happy hours, picnics, lectures, service projects, and many other events around the country.

CLS: Internships, Externships & Jobs
Whether you give an hour or a summer’s worth of time, there are students eager to tap your expertise and experience. Consider offering your time and connections through externships, sharing or creating internships, and posting jobs for students.

Contact us at or by calling 866-850-1846 to express your interest in volunteering!